District 7890 Exchange Students got a taste of college life last weekend at Springfield College.  They kicked off activities with a wet tour of the campus and then a lunch with the President of the college at her home.  Since it was Homecoming Weekend, there were lots of alumni roaming the campus.

Our four inbound girls from Mexico, Chile, France, and Thailand passed on watching a football game because Catalina from Chile said, “ All those guys do, is roll around in the grass”.  Well, that’s one interpretation of American football but one probably not shared by enthusiastic football fans everywhere.  They opted instead, to watch afternoon movies at their host’s home.  After an all American dinner at “99”, they attended the 109th annual Springfield College Gymnastics Exhibition.  More of a
Cirque du Soleil type of show, the girls enjoyed it and even tried their hand on several of the apparatuses.

If your club would like to invite our exchange students to a club function or entertain them at a sporting or theatrical event, just contact
Rich Friedman at richefriedman@yahoo.com for more information.