Each Club in our District now has access to a new platform that will allow for various fundraising initiatives. Many of the club Presidents and representatives recently took part in a three-day training.  All of the training materials are listed below.  There are no yearly fees but there are transaction fees, which vary based on activity type. Many questions will be answered by reviewing the training sessions. Please feel free to contact Jennifer with any further questions.  

Quick Start Guide: go to https://go.rotary7890gives.org/start

  1. Enter in information about yourself

  2. Enter in information about your club

    1. Have your EIN number handy here

  3. Work through the Start Guide

    1. Verification – upload a screenshot or documentation piece that includes your name and your club’s name

    2. Connect/Set-up Stripe

Training Materials for Getting Started:

Raffles, Sweepstakes and Athons

Customer Service

M-F 6am-6pm MST

Email: Support@eventgroovefundraising.com

Phone: 855.425.1071  (Located in Montana, please allow 1 business day response time on email)

    Click here for a Google Drive folder with all of the training materials