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A Note about the Council on Resolutions and Council on Legislation
Once every three years a group of 500 plus delegates from all over the world meet in Chicago and make decisions that actually affect us Rotarians. Consider the significant changes in attendance requirements in recent years. These were not edicts handed down from the Board of Directors. These were changes adopted at Councils in 2013, 2016 and 2019, affecting
Rotary International’s constitutional documents -- its Constitution, Bylaws and the Standard Rotary Club Constitution.
At the 2016 Council, delegates approved a plan to separate the Council on Resolutions from the Council on Legislation.  This has saved money by cutting back a full day of the Council in Chicago. Instead, beginning in October 2017, delegates have spent time online voting on resolutions rather than debating and voting on them at the gathering in Chicago.
Resolutions are simply recommendations to the Board of Directors of Rotary International, which the Board must consider but need not adopt. Adopted Resolutions have no effect on Rotary’s Constitutional documents.  
The next Council on Legislation will not occur until spring 2022.  However, the Council on Resolutions cycle for 2020 is underway. 
Any Rotarian can view results of the last three Councils on Resolutions (2017, 2018, 2019)
You can see results of each vote.  Though you cannot see how any individual delegate voted, you certainly can ask me about my votes.  (See my contact information at end of this note.)
If you or your club would like to propose a resolution for the 2021 Council on Resolutions, the deadline for submitting proposals is June 30, 2021.  If your club has not done this recently, you or someone in your club should read about the process.  If you go to          
In the My Rotary section of, you will find information about relevant topics, including how to propose a resolution.
Please note, deadlines for submitting either proposed resolutions or proposed legislation:
  • 2021 Council on Resolutions: 30 June 2021
  • 2022 Council on Legislation: 31 December 2020
This information and relevant links are repeated below so everyone is informed clearly about the process
For more information, please read How to Propose Enactments and How to Propose Resolutions.
Please keep in mind that all enactments and resolutions must be proposed and endorsed before they are submitted to Rotary. Rotary must receive proposed resolutions by 30 June each year and proposed enactments by 31 December 2020.
If your club is interested in submitting a proposal and needs more guidance, you may contact me, but the most direct and quickest option is to contact Council Services, email
Submitted by Sue Klock, District 7890 Delegate,
Councils on Resolutions and Legislation,
(860) 989-0101