Hey all you seafaring Rotarians in 7950 and landlubbers in 7890 --
It's Tina Tuna here, the fish with legs bringing you the latest update on your Multi-District Conference with legs.
Now you're probably thinking: what the [bleep] does it mean for a district conference to have legs?
I'm so glad you asked.
It means the benefits will stay with you long after the few hours you spend at the virtual event April 29 - May 1. Benefits like:
  • Inspiration to build diversity, equity and inclusion in your club, and more
  • Information to help recruit and retain new members, and more
  • Fellowship (yes, it can be done online -- join in Thursday evening to see how!)
  • Fun including a trivia contest Friday evening, and Saturday's premiere showing of bloopers from the videos featuring Mermaid Charlene and Neptune Marc
Speaking of the lovely mermaid and Neptune, you can catch their latest video report here. (I've got a big part in it, too!)
When you turn off your computer at the end of the conference, you'll have a big leg up on the latest tools for building Rotary in your community.
But first you need to register. Click here to check out the schedule and meet the speakers. Or click here to go straight to the online registration form.
I promise you'll be hooked.
Best --